I have had the honor & privilege for the past nine years to represent the views and concerns of the people that live, work and shop in Teaneck. I am proud of the many successful accomplishments that I felt help better the town that I live, work and grew up in. I might not have pleased everybody over the years, but rest assured that every decision that was made and every ordinance that was enacted was carefully thought out, weighed and scrutinized for consistency, fairness, positive, negative, legal and financial impact it would have on the tax payers. I have grown to know and like every Council member that I serve with. I can tell you that every Council member follows those guidelines and more. They serve because they love Teaneck and want to try and make it a better place for today and tomorrow. I am running again, because I feel that there is still much work to be done.

I have been a business owner/merchant in town for the last ten years and a community volunteer for over sixteen. I am or have been a member of the Teaneck Community Relations Advisory Board, Chairman of the Youth Advisory Board, Life Member of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Member of the Teaneck Fire Department’s Box 54, Trustee for the Teaneck Police Department’s Crime Stoppers, Volunteer at Holy Name Hospital and an investigator for the Bergen County Society of Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. I own real estate in Teaneck and my friends and family live here. I have a vested interest in seeing Teaneck move forward in the right direction. As a Councilman for seven years and Deputy Mayor for two, I have a proven track record in economic development, bringing in well planned ratables and creative ways to raise revenue for the town that take some burden off the taxpayers. I don’t feel that the taxpayers should have to reach into their pockets to pay for every program and township improvement. I have voted to strengthen emergency services, supported issues such as senior housing, community policing initiatives of the Teaneck Police Department, education, transportation for seniors, open space and the farmers market. Because I live and work in Teaneck, I have a visible presence in and around town and have been readily accessible to every resident during my tenure. Over the years, I have heard from over 3,100 residents, received thousands of emails and sent out over 15,000 letters to stay in touch with my constituents and respond to their concerns. Also, I have an almost perfect attendance record at Council meetings over the past nine years.

In the last few months, we as a town have encountered more challenges, employee relation concerns, litigation and taxes. It is my belief that if our residents can’t afford to live in this great town, then every other amenity it has to offer is not as important. I am and have constantly worked to bring in additional alternative revenue to the town. In the last few years, some of the programs, ordinances or projects that I advocated for and helped pass have brought in several million dollars in additional revenue to Teaneck and our budget. That is money that our taxpayers did not have to pay. With the upcoming revaluation and some of the new legal challenges ahead of us, I feel obligated to stay and continue to advocate for our residents and taxpayers. . I am absolutely committed to stabilizing taxes. I am asking for your support and confidence for another term.